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Positions available through ISC in the CNC Machine Tool industry:

Sales Managers:
Regional Sales Managers represent the Machine Tool manufacturer, usually selling through distributors. Their job is to select, train and motivate the distributors and their sales team to sell their equipment as effectively as possible. In addition, they will attend trade shows and open houses. If the manufacturer does not sell through distribution, the Regional Sales Manager would hire, train and manage a direct sales force.
Sales Engineers:
Working directly for the Machine Tool manufacturer or for the Distributor, depending upon how the equipment is marketed. Machinery is sold to a wide variety of manufacturing companies and machine shops. Candidates should have sales experience with other machine tool, tooling or accessory companies or have applications or service backgrounds.
Application Engineers:
Must be proficient in programming. Should be able to perform time studies (look at a blueprint for a part and be able to figure out how to make the part as quickly and efficiently as possible with the machinery and tooling available to him). In addition, he will train the customers (in classroom as well as on site) on how to set up and operate the equipment they have just bought from his company.
Service Engineers:
Spends 95 % of his time at the customers facility, either doing initial installation, troubleshooting and repairing problems or doing routine maintenance. Must be proficient both mechanically as well as electrically, especially as it relates to controls.
Executive Positions:
These positions would include Presidents, Vice Presidents, National Sales Managers, National Applications and National Service Managers. Generally these positions are based at the companies Home Offices and require significant career paths in the CNC Machine Tool industry.

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